"The longings of your heart are like water in a deep well. But a person of insight can draw them out."

Is changing your life worth waiting for?

Whether you are on the brink of your goals or trying to get started, Life Development is thoughtfully and professionally designed to help you close the gap.

Mike Stevens has life experience of over 50 years of training in personal, business and leadership environments. He went from training British Special forces to jump out of planes, to training people to jump into the opportunities of life.

He is a happily married father and grandfather and just celebrated his 53rd wedding anniversary this year! Michael enjoys serving others towards making their life happier and feeling more fulfilled. He is skilled at helping you change your thinking on the inside so you can change your conduct on the outside.

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I have known Mike as a friend for the past five years. I met him at the onset of the launching of my company. Mike has impacted me tremendously with wise counseling and advice during key stages of my company’s development.

When Mike began his Life Development program, I eagerly sent my employees to him. He has a way of drawing out the depths in someone’s heart to the forefront. He is skilled in asking questions and leading others to their own personal self-discovery. I have seen tremendous improvement in my own life as well as my employees through Mike’s Life Development program.

The feedback is always unanimous that life development with Mike is practical, effective and life-changing. I cannot say enough good things about it!

Think about where you are now and where you want to be.

Life Development helps you to change how you think and feel so that you control your life rather than react to circumstances controlling you! Becoming the person you have the potential to be is key to success relationally, professionally and financially.

I believe we are not solitary individuals trying to forge our own pathway through life but rather we need the experience and wisdom of others to equip and encourage us to reach our potential.

Life Development will strengthen you towards achieving:

Life Development is different from therapy or counseling. It brings insight to all aspects of your life and then equips you with the skills to overcome the obstacles hindering you from achieving what you long for your life to look like!
Michael has been integral to the plan for my life. By grace I am a husband, father, the founder of an award winning software company and a successful physician. I have taken advice from only a select handful of people and Michael has been one of them for almost a decade.
Dr Sarma Velamuri M.D., CEO of Luminare
Being coached by Mike has been really valuable. He has a good approach to getting you to think through what’s important and lots of helpful strategies for making positive change. He has challenged my thinking in a range of areas with good questions and encouragement to set myself realistic goals. These have enabled me to identify underlying issues and move forward.

How does Life Development work?

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and no information is ever shared without express permission of the client.

What is the value of Life Development?

Life Development will be invaluable to people climbing their mountain of dreams, goals and visions and who want a partnership of encouragement and accountability to assure them that they will conquer that mountain.

Can you really put a price on achieving personal satisfaction and success in life?


As a millennial, we want to know that the older generation is standing with us cheering us on with our dreams in life. We sometimes get stuck in a season and lose sight of the dreams that have become dormant. Over the past many months of receiving development strategies from Michael Stevens, I’ve seen dramatic transformation within my life. This season of my life is currently the busiest I have ever experienced, but having a coach guide me and draw out deeper gifts that are already within me has activated me to be me 100%.

Chris, argicultural entrepenuer and trainer


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